Our Partners

  • schwihag-logo

    “Schwihag” is a Swiss-based plant that has been producing innovative products for over 40 years – rail fasteners and switch clamps for high-speed railway lines, as well as for subway lines. The products of this manufacturer are easy to install and do not require frequent and laborious maintenance. Additional information: www.schwihag.com

  • severstal-logo

    “Severstal Metiz” is a group of companies that unites the hardware assets of Severstal and is one of the TOP-5 largest European companies in its market segment. The Severstal Metiz company is an efficiently operating modern company striving to improve its business processes and achieve the highest results. Being in constant dialogue with customers, building partnerships with suppliers and studying market needs, Severstal Metiz improves the quality of the products and services it offers, as well as constantly develops new types of products. Additional information: metiz.severstal.com

  • rfi-logo

    “France Rail Industry”, a factory from France, is a reliable supplier of premium rail and tram rails, producing about 400,000 tons of products per year. The company is distinguished by an exemplary organization of production and an effective approach to communication with customers. Additional information: france-rail-industry.business.site

  • tvema-logo

    “TVEMA” is a leader in the development, production and implementation of systems for diagnostics of railway infrastructure. This is a manufacturer that has in its product line all types of tools for diagnostics of the superstructure of the rail tracks and OHL networks and performs the full scope of work on the development, production and maintenance of these tools. In cooperation with TVEMA, our company offers ultrasonic inspection services for rail tracks. Additional information: www.tvema.com

  • weighwell-logo

    “Weighwell” is a British manufacturer of mobile and static weighing systems for railway rolling stock. The company is valued all over the world for its innovation, as well as excellent engineering skills and the ability to find optimal solutions for customers in non-standard situations. Additional information: www.weighwell.com

  • tenconi-logo

    “Tenconi” is a Swiss manufacturer of railway materials, including special insulating joints (linings) for railway rail signalling systems. Thanks to the excellent combination of “price-quality”, these products are used in many countries around the world, including on the Estonian railways since 2002. Additional information: www.tenconi.ch

  • bharat-logo

    “Bharat Forge CDP” is a German company that manufactures high-quality components for turnouts, including maintenance-free roller devices to improve turnout performance, and turnout switches. Latvian and Estonian railway companies widely use the products of this plant. Additional information:www.cdp-railsystems.com

  • pra-logo

    The motto of the Czech company “Pražska Strojirna” is “everything for a modern tramway tracks”. The plant produces a full range of tramway switches, as well as special products for the construction of tramway tracks on bridges and overpasses. The company’s products are used in many cities around the world from Australia to the USA, including Estonia and Latvia. Additional information: www.pstroj.cz

  • ukr-logo

    “DNIPROPETROVSK RAILWAY SWITCH PLANT” is an enterprise that has been producing switches and track superstructure parts for the railway for over 100 years. The plant has introduced a full production cycle, starting from its own design bureau, a specialized model site and foundries, and ending with an additional complete set of products for any technical requirements of the customer. DNIPROPETROVSK RAILWAY SWITCH PLANT is a modern workshop with high-precision mechanical equipment, high-quality casting and maximum attention to each order. Additional information: www.dsz.dp.ua

  • pezconnector-logo

    “PEZ Connectors” is a Polish factory that specializes in the production of fasteners for railways. High quality products are well known both in Poland and in other European countries, including the Baltic states. Additional information: www.pezconnector.pl