Our Partners

  • alr-rives-logo

    The company was created in 1976 under the name “Aciéries et Laminoirs de Rives” (ALR) and derived from Ets EXPERTON REVOLLIER established in 1810. At that time, the factory manufactured hand tools for agriculture , then became a holding company for which ALR is now a subsidiary. Today, ALR’s vocation is to meet the specific requirements from clients unable to find satisfaction with standard products. The annual production is 50,000 tons of steel. Additional information: www.alr-rives.com

  • severstal-logo

    Severstal-metiz is an international group of companies that unites the hardware assets of Severstal, which is one of the top 5 largest European companies in its segment and has a development strategy aimed at achieving the same Corporate goals of PJSC Severstal. Severstal-metiz Group is an efficient company striving to improve its business processes, working in niche segments with high value added (markets, industries, products), focused on creating Values for the customer through the best product-service portfolio. Additional information: metiz.severstal.com

  • britishsteel-logo

    British Steel is one of the leading steel manufacturers in Europe, producing around 3 million tonnes of quality steel products every year. We have manufacturing facilities across the UK and France, supplying premium products around the world. We also have a global network of regional sales teams, so our global customers receive local service. British Steel was created when Greybull Capital bought the Long Products Europe business of Tata Steel in June 2016. It’s a new start for us and is based on 150 years of heritage. But we’re not stuck in the past – we’re looking to the future. We’re moving forwards with a more streamlined organisation, more efficient processes and a more responsive approach. Additional information: britishsteel.co.uk

  • tvema-logo

    TVEMA is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of defectoscopes and railway safety systems. The company has 25 years of engineering experience, employing experienced specialists and researchers who ensure that the services and technological solutions offered are the best in their respective field. In cooperation with TVEMA, we offer ultrasound inspection services for guide-ways. Additional information: www.tvema.com

  • weighwell-logo

    Weighwell Engineering Ltd has more than 25 years of experience as the manufacturer of mobile train weighing systems. The company is prized for its excellent engineering skills, knowledge and innovation. We find the optimum solution based on the needs of our clients. In cooperation with Weighwell, we installed a unique six axle weighing system in the EVR Cargo depot, in Tapa. Additional information: www.weighwell.com

  • tenconi-logo

    Established in 1871, Tenconi SA is a Swiss manufacturer of railway materials. Thanks to their quality, Tenconi’s products are used around the world. Since 2002, insulated rail joints manufactured by Tenconi have been used in Estonia. Additional information: www.tenconi.ch

  • bharat-logo

    Bharat Forge CDP is a German company belonging to the international Kalyani Group, which manufactures high-quality low-maintenance switch components. The organisation has 175 years of railway experience. CDP manufactured switch roller devices are in use in Estonia and Latvia. Additional information:www.cdp-railsystems.com

  • dtv-logo

    Established in 1900, the Czech company DT manufactures railway and tram turnouts, which are sold around the world. Long-term traditions and good engineering work ensure a high-quality result. Solutions from industrial railway to high-speed rail to heavy axle load railway. Additional information: www.dtvm.cz

  • pra-logo

    For more than 100 years, the Czech company Pražská Strojírna has been manufacturing tram turnouts. Their products are used in many cities around the world, from Australia to Austria and the United States to Russia. Pražská Strojírna’s turnouts are being installed on the Tallinna Linnatranspordi AS (TLT) Kopli line. Additional information: www.pstroj.cz

  • ukr-logo

    The Dnipropetrovsk railway switch plant, located in Ukraine, manufactures 1520 mm system turnouts and baseplates. Additional information: www.dsz.dp.ua

  • panelpol-logo

    Products manufactured by Panel Rail, the manufacturer of SKL type rail fastening systems conforming to TSI requirements, are used in 35 different countries around the world. Additional information: www.railway.panelpol.com

  • granuflexrail-logo

    The mission of the GRANUFLEX GROUP, provider of insulation systems and sound absorption panels, is to produce state of the art and environmentally friendly solutions for tramways and railways. Additional information: www.granuflexrail.hu

  • pezconnector-logo

    PEZ Connector is specialized in the manufacturing of rail fasteners. Over half of our output is exported. The high quality of our products is recognized in Poland and across the European market. Additional information: www.pezconnector.pl

  • nsmz-logo

    The baseplate and spike fastening baseplate manufacturing company is one of Russia’s largest and most modern. Additional information: www.nsmz.pro

  • schwihag-logo

    SCHWIHAG was founded 1971 in Tägerwilen – Switzerland. Experts in permanent way technology since 1971. All over the world high-speed lines, heavy freight transport, tramway, underground and metro systems rely on our cutting-edge products to provide solutions to every challenge. All SCHWIHAG products are easy to install, easy to inspect, maintenance free and, thanks to our focus on sustainability, environmentally-friendly too. Additional information: www.schwihag.com